Maintenance of Certification Program

The medical and dental sciences are changing at an astounding rate. Lifelong learning is not only desirable but critically important in order for doctors to stay current in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The American Board of Craniofacial Pain developed a Maintenance of Certification program to promote life-long learning and the enhancement of the knowledge and skills essential to the highest quality of care.

The MOC Program:

Must be successfully completed by the 10th anniversary intervals from the original certification date, but no earlier than the 8th anniversary of that date.

All Diplomates must complete the following for recertification.

  • Completion of required continuing education equivalent to 200 credit hours
  • Timely payment of recertification fee (to be determined)

Continuing Education Requirement

Two hundred (200) continuing educations credit hours are required per recertification interval. CE credits begin to accrue immediately following attaining Diplomate status.

Sources of credits that may be applied toward fulfillment of MOC requirements include the following professional activities, all of which must be relevant to Craniofacial Pain:

  1. Attendance at continuing education courses for Craniofacial Pain approved by the American Board of Craniofacial Pain. (Note: Courses employed must have specific relevance to assessment, diagnosis and management of Craniofacial Pain and relevant practice management. Diplomates may submit course information for review by the MOC Committee. All decisions of this committee are final.)

  2. Bi-annual attendance at annual sessions of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. (Note: Credit hours will be counted toward fulfillment of ABCP MOC requirements based on number of hours of continuing education attended.)

  3. Authorship of an article published in a peer-reviewed journal or a published textbook chapter either of which must directly relate to Craniofacial Pain. (Note: Two (2) credit hours each, with a maximum of 6 credit hours in total, may be counted toward fulfillment of MOC requirements and all decisions regarding acceptance will be made by the MOC Committee.)

  4. Teaching Craniofacial Pain courses at an accredited dental school, medical school, university, or teaching hospital. (Note: ½-credit may be applied for each ½-day taught per week. A maximum of 5 credits per year may be earned for full-time teaching throughout an entire academic year, with a maximum of 10 credits that may be applied toward the MOC continuing education requirement.)

The ABCP Executive Office will notify Diplomates who are in need of renewing their certification per MOC requirements. In turn, each Diplomate requesting MOC must submit a completed Credit Tabulation: Part 1 and a Credit Tabulation: Part 2 (Hours by Credit Type) form. These forms provide for listing the types of activities and the number of credits earned.

Every tenth MOC application will be audited each year. In the event you are audited, copies of the following documents must be received by the ABCP Executive Office within 45 days of receipt of the notice to audit:

  1. CE Credit: Acceptable verification of attendance and/or participation in each of the programs or courses listed on your Credit Verification Form.

  2. Publications: Copies of article(s) with name of the publication and date published visible in at least one area.

  3. Teaching: A letter from your department chair, on official letterhead, certifying the amount of time claimed for teaching credit.

Failure to complete the above recertification requirements with in the 10-year allotted time will result in loss of Diplomate status. To reinstate your Diplomate status, it will be necessary to complete the entire Diplomate application process.