Diplomate Examination: Written Examination Scoring & Results


All scoring of written examinations for Diplomate status in the ABCP is performed without consideration of the candidate's identity, and all decisions concerning written examination scoring are made impartially.

The entire examination process is supervised by the ABCP Examination Committee. Determinations of successful completion are based on objective criteria applied universally to all candidates Individual scores will not be changed, except in the case of a granted appeal.

Written Examination Results

Candidates for Diplomate status whose applications and supporting documentation have been reviewed and accepted by the ABCP may sit for the written and oral examinations in a single examination period. Successful completion of the written examination is not a prerequisite for the oral examination.

Examination results are mailed to candidates within 30-60 days following the examination date. Results are not available by telephone; please do not contact the ABCP Executive Office for this information.

Dentists who have previously taken the written examination unsuccessfully may retake the examination upon reapplication.